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Get started with SEO, get profitable fast!

You get your webmaster available to do SEO and run your business websites and online visibility.

Google min bedrift (GMB) er et must for alle bedrifter, det er her din bedrift blir funnet i lokale søk. Vi setter opp og drifter den, dette gjør at din oppføringen blir aktiv og blir dermed foretrukket  i lokal søk.

Google min bedrift (GMB)

Google min bedrift

Vi gir bedrifts hjemmesider et nytt liv ved å gjøre den mer tiltalende og nyttig. Vi oppdaterer/legger til relevant innhold som tekst, bilder illustrasjoner. Dette gjør at bedriften blir mer synlig og relevant. 

Innholdsoppdatering av bedrifts hjemmesider


Design av hjemmesider er vår spesialitet. Vi setter opp nye hjemmesider og designer den etter dine kriterier med brukervennlighet, målgruppen og din bedriftsprofil i tankene.


Responsive webdesign

Vi gjør din hjemmeside mer synlig i de organiske resultatene i google søk, mye av denne SEO oppgaven er gjentagende for å kunne holde på deres posisjonen i google og dominere flere søkeord.

Søkemotoroptimalisering (SEO)


Website maintenance and online visibility, for local businesses.

What can we do for you?


We help companies with SEO, content updating and visibility of the company's websites. Don't have a website? Then we make one.

Dilbert hjelper deg med SEO og synlighet :)
Lokale bedrifter som selger mer ved å være synlig

Combination of essential elements

To create an appealing website is to combine good user experiences with the brand's communication and then adapt the design to any device. We help you create a meaningful website that meets professional SEO standards. If done right, the website will be one of your most powerful sales tools.



You want your business to look as professional online as your competitors. They have excellent and up to date websites that work. An updated website with helpful content would impress your customers as well. But you do not have the time or resources to hire a "digital expert". If it is consolation, then you are not alone in it. Many companies are in the same situation. The company has no one to take care of such digital tasks properly. Most people know that these tasks have a significant impact on generating new customers. So, someone must do these tasks as quickly as possible. Imagine that there was someone who helped you with it without going through an expensive hiring process. That's where we come into the picture. Our web services are developed to solve this very problem. You can quickly leave these tasks to us; we take care of everything for you. We maintain it every month, write content, images, graphic elements, google my business updates and other listings, and more. You are updated at any time. Don't have a website? Then set up a new website and manage your project from A to Z. By not having to hire a person to do these tasks, you will save a lot of money.

SEO for lokale bedrifter hjemmesider
SEO-Lokale bedrifts eiere som trenger webhjelp

Today, you need to have a set of technical skills to get past your competitors and be found by potential customers online. The competition has become more challenging over time. Before, not many people had heard of SEO or Google. When I spoke to some companies in 2009 to offer optimization in google, most people did not take it seriously; they had a listing in Yellow Pages and thought they did not need anything else. Many eventually realized that Google had come to stay. We focus on Google as a search engine and with good reason. In Norway, the proportion of mobile searches via google is as high as 98.49%, and the balance of searches via a computer is 90.48% Source. These numbers are the reason why most companies optimize their websites for google search.

 We are dedicated to helping you with online visibility to showcase your products and services in their market.

Bli synlig på nett i lokal søk

You do not need new websites; you need a digital expert. logo